Well any impression I may have had about Apple being privacy-centric is gone now. Apple won't implement encrypted backups at the behest of . . . you guessed it, the FBI πŸ₯³

Just use an open source OS you actually *own* rather than something you are *allowed* to use that could change at any time without notice or consent πŸ™„

Here's a good primer on Ethical Consumerism. This is definitely something I need to do better at. ethical.net/ethical/ethical-co

You think tech folks are smart. Truth is, most tech folks are so dumb they can’t understand why the equivalent of Greenpeace being funded by ExxonMobil is a problem when it happens in tech with so-called freedom and human rights orgs/events funded by Google, Facebook, and Palantir.

Welcome to my new 🏑 on the Fediverse!

Since when I first joined Mastodon my goal was to host my own instance of one.

I made my first steps on the Fediverse on mstdn.io and have to thank @angristan for keeping the instance alive for the community. You're doing a great job and I have already learned a lot with you. I will get back if I fail in this endeavour of host my own instance!

Emanuel's Mastodon

Hi! I'm Emanuel and this is my own Mastodon instance.