Since the beginning of March I'm doing my first steps with Linux on desktop. Fortunately Ubuntu didn't play well with my hardware, what lead me to learn more about Linux. For now I'm happy using Manjaro with Gnome, but have a lot yet to explore and learn. Any sugestion? 😄

@emanuel I wouldn't dare to make any, but I want to offer my help in case you need it.
It's nice to see someone that wants to "explore and learn" ;) (yes, I know lot of people do).
I'm mostly :archlinux: + #kde, but lot of years using gnome and debian based distros so shoot any question here and sure #fedipeople will help you

@xosem Thank you 😃 At some point I dared install Arch following the wiki and to my surprise it went really well and it pushed me to learn a lot of things on Linux. But with the knowledge I have I couldn't felt confortable using Arch. I'm afraid I would easily break something and then had to spend hours troubleshooting. But using Arch is in my horizon. Someday!

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