I'm new to Linux, but didn't take me long to knowledge the criticism around Snap which saw its most recent episode with the launch of Mint 20 and its developers decision for not only remove snap, but to prevent, as default, its installation.

Michael of @TuxDigital made this nice video summing up the criticism on Snap and giving his opinion on this Mint vs Snap clash!



I almost fully agree with Michael, if not that in their current state, and with the knowledge I have, I opted for not using snaps.

What are my issues/concerns with Snap?
- Long startup time;
- Lack of integration with system themes and icon packs;
- Centralized and closed source distribution.

I like and use Snaps. My video was to call out Mint for their posturing and their false claims about Snaps. They claimed a lot of things that are simply not true.

I think Mint is taking advantage of Ubuntu while also yelling at them and that's sleazy.

I don't think my video was clear on my position after watching it again.

So not only do I disagree with Mint, I think Snaps are good overall even with the flaws that are there.

What bothers me more on Snap is the centralized and closed source distribution by Canonical.

I'm new on Linux and maybe I'm being unfair to Canonical. But, for example, they're open that they gather Snap users data. Which data? Why they need it? How they intend to use it? Should we trust them?

Snapcraft.io even uses Google Analytics to track users 🙁

Centralized is a good thing. Decentralized "universal" app format is not a true universal format. Flatpak learned that the hard way.

Most people are unfair to Canonical these days, to be blunt, I think you may just have developed distrust because of the toxicity that has been spread towards them. Canonical has done the most for Desktop Linux than any other company ever yet they always seem to get hostility.

Snap data is usage like downloads and distros used, not user data.

Yes, as I understand the decentralized distribution model of Flatpak isn't much diferent than PPAs.

Why not a federated solution? Like the fediverse. Various servers, talking to each other, building a common index.

Either way, yes, I'm certainly being unfair to Canonical. I just became skeptical after seeing, over the years, some so called good guys turn out bad!

Snap is collecting the geographic location of its users. Let's hope they keep to that.


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