My ISP is facing an issue with Cloudflare. It's not the first time. I don't know what the problem is and who's to blame, but don't being able to reach half the internet gets me thinking on how much power Cloudflare have.

@Gina Looks fun! Dibs on the red controller and a sit on the floor beside Jazz 😁

@bjoern Have a look at Purely Mail. I'm still testing it but until now I didn't find any major issue and it seems to fill all your boxes.

@kev @jle I then contact Scott (maintainer of Purely Mail) and he kindly explained me that

"The delay in email receipt actually is expected the first time an email is sent to a specific address. It's called greylisting, and it's an anti-spam feature. Basically, all legitimate email senders will retry email sending if they get an error the first time, but most low-effort spammers won't. After the first time, the system will remember the sender (and after a while the entire sending domain)."


@kev @jle To be fair with Purely Mail I have to add that after a more in deep test the maximum delay I experienced was in fact 15 minutes and it seemed to only happen the first time I sent a message from a specific address.

@kev @jle To both of you: Any opinion about Soverin? €6/mailbox/year + €23 for each 25GB of storage (so €29/year if you're a single user). Unlimited domains and aliases. I'm testing it without issues so far.

I too signed up for a trial account with Purely Mail. I'm still testing, but sometimes I'm getting a delay receiving emails. Sometimes a couple of minutes, sometimes half an hour. I like it, the price is good, but I'm struggling to see it as a reliable service.

Is this test only valid for IT workers? I'm pediatric nurse but (just for fun!) I took the test and got a 5.3 out 6. I can't say I'm surprised πŸ˜•

"Boa noite povo que eu cheguei \
Mais outra vez apresentΓ‘ meu baianΓ‘"

Can't get this song out my head, today!

@codesections And what about Aegis? Found it on fdroid and it appears a good option. Reading its description seems it uses KeyStore.


The Bolsonaro government has filed a criminal complaint against journalist Greenwald after he revealed unpleasant stories about this same government, which is a clear attack against press freedom. To support press freedom, we at Tutanota are donating our secure email service as well as Secure Connect to journalists around the world! ✊ #PressFreedom #Brazil

@ndegruchy @kev @Gina @g All I can do is add some reasons why I prefer Hugo over Wordpress.
- I feel more control over my site code. I can more easily edit every line and don't have jquery and such injected on each page by default;
- Hugo is a single executable file which makes local development so much easier;
- I can use SASS and combine/minify css, js and html without the need of any third party plugin;
- At the end it's safer, faster and cheaper.

A good read:

@Gina @g Ok, I understand your point.

Gina, if you go for Wordpress just my two cents: look for a hosting that uses Litespeed Server, and use their plugin to manage cache and speed up your site. Use BunnyCDN to serve your static content. And you'll probably want to use a framework to work on your theme. I like the one from DIYThemes.

@kev @Gina @g I thing there's more to say about Wordpress vs Static Sites than that.

To use Wordpress beside a webserver you need PHP and SQL. You don't need that with a static site generator, like Hugo, Gatsby, Jekyll, Next, Nuxt,... they just generate a site that you can upload/deploy wherever you want, like GitHub Pages, Netlify, Zeit or in your own server using a simple webserver like Caddy or Sitejs.

Why JAMstack:

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