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To the ones into Endurance Motorsport Racing, Daytona 24h is about to begin and you can follow the entire race on IMSA site :mastowink:


Here's a good primer on Ethical Consumerism. This is definitely something I need to do better at.

You think tech folks are smart. Truth is, most tech folks are so dumb they can’t understand why the equivalent of Greenpeace being funded by ExxonMobil is a problem when it happens in tech with so-called freedom and human rights orgs/events funded by Google, Facebook, and Palantir.

Welcome to my new 🏑 on the Fediverse!

Since when I first joined Mastodon my goal was to host my own instance of one.

I made my first steps on the Fediverse on and have to thank @angristan for keeping the instance alive for the community. You're doing a great job and I have already learned a lot with you. I will get back if I fail in this endeavour of host my own instance!

Emanuel's Mastodon

Hi! I'm Emanuel and this is my own Mastodon instance.